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Regal Essence Necklace Set

Regal Essence Necklace Set

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Unveil the essence of majestic allure with the "Regal Essence Necklace Set," a grandiose expression of elegance and artistic flair. This exquisite jewelry set features chunky, cube-shaped beads intricately patterned with ornate designs that evoke the grandeur of ancient artisanship. Each bead is a miniature canvas, with detailed motifs reminiscent of royal tapestries, creating an ensemble that's rich in history and luxury.

In the rich crimson variant, the necklace exudes a deep, vintage charm, akin to the luxurious finery of regal courts. Accompanying earrings with matching beads complete the look, offering a cohesive and enchanting aesthetic. The bold black set is a testament to timeless elegance, where each gold-detailed bead adds a layer of sophistication, perfect for evening affairs or as the centerpiece of a chic daytime look. For those who desire a splash of color, the blue set provides a serene yet powerful statement, with its sky-hued beads and golden patterns offering a tranquil beauty reminiscent of ancient frescoes.

Finally, the multicolored set is a celebration of vibrancy, featuring a kaleidoscope of colors adorned with golden details, making it a perfect festival or statement piece to brighten any ensemble. Each set in the collection comes with a pair of simple yet chic earrings, perfectly complementing the lavish necklace, ensuring that the "Regal Essence Necklace Set" crowns you with an air of sophistication and a touch of historical grandeur.


Necklace - 16" + Extension
Earrings - 3.2" Drop
Lead & Nickel Compliant

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