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Angela Wrap Rope Maxi Dress

Angela Wrap Rope Maxi Dress

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Introducing the "Crimson Embrace Gown," a sartorial symphony of passion and poise, designed for moments when you want to leave an indelible impression. This dress is not just a garment; it's a work of art that wraps you in the very essence of love and elegance.

The gown is a vision in deep crimson, a color that evokes the heart's deepest desires. It features a unique one-shoulder silhouette with a daring cut-out that teases the imagination, while the bodice wraps around in a loving caress, enhancing the figure with its meticulous design.

The arms are graced with fitted sleeves that showcase subtle hints of skin, thanks to tasteful cut-outs that run down to the wrists, adding an element of intrigue. The fabric gathers in all the right places, creating a ruched effect that flatters the body, while a braided embellishment snakes its way down the side, symbolizing the intertwining of two souls.

Flowing down to a mermaid hem, the skirt flares out into a cascading ruffle, reminiscent of the bloom of a rose - a poetic nod to the romantic essence of the gown. The sumptuous fabric moves with a grace that mirrors the wearer's own, making every step a statement of confidence and allure.

This gown is designed for those special occasions that call for something truly spectacular - a Valentine's date, a gala, or any event where love is the guest of honor. The "Crimson Embrace Gown" is more than an outfit—it's a celebration of the woman who wears it, her strength, her beauty, and her undying spirit of love.

Long Sleeve Wrap Rope Maxi Dress

  • Style: Formal

  • Print / Pattern: Solid

  • Fit: Fit

  • Sleeve: Long sleeve

  • Closure: Zipper Closure

Fabric Contents: 95% Poly 5% Span

  • Stretch fabric

  • Non-sheer fabric

Care Instructions: Machine Cold Wash

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