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Hill + Daniel Lifestyle Fragrance Product Review

Hill + Daniel was founded by Shayla Hill who brings passion and innovation to her creations. This Atlanta based brand strives to break from the traditions of the typical home fragrance company, Hill + Daniel brings together high-quality design with the intimate artistry of hand-crafted creation to produce items like nothing else.  Watch my video to get my initial reaction to Hill + Daniel Lifestyle Oakmoss Fragrance. 

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Locs Are Dope

Heyyyy Yall!!!   I am extremely excited about this blog post, and I don't even have natural hair.  I know, I'm CRAZY!!!    I came across this amazing brand with loc accessories focuses on Self-Love, Self-Worth, and Self-Esteem. Locs are Dope strives empower everyone to realize how Dope they really are while rocking a DOPE set of Locs.  Here are a few of their products: Locs Earrings $20.00   Locs Are Dope Tee (holo words) $25.00 Don't Touch My Locs Mask $10.00 I told you this brand was DOPE.    If you liked any of these items, and would like to see more visit and support a #smallblackbusiness. 

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