Get to Know TK

Chile, I am happy to see you!!!! My name is Tiffany Ingram & I am the founder of Tiffanyz Klozet. I started my online store to help women build their self-confidence & encourage them to freely express themselves through fashion. 

 Now, let me spill the tea regarding my HUMBLE Beginnings  

It all started in a hotel room on New Year's Eve. Yep, that's right, I booked a hotel room on New Year's Eve with the hope of spending it with the special guy that I was seeing at the time. Unfortunately, that was not in the cards, and I found myself soaking in my own sorrow of being dumped going into the New Year. You see, I was a firm believer that I if you are single on the 1st day of the year, you will be single ALL year. Silly right, I know, but it felt real to me at the time. During this ugly cry moment, I thought to myself, how many other women were feeling the exact emotions I was feeling at the moment?  Not feeling worthy, or enough of being loved. As I traveled down this dark rabbit hole of pity, I began to cry even harder, not only for myself, but those women as well.

This wasn't fair.  We didn't deserve this.  Then I heard a voice say, "build a space where women can find themselves and the confidence to keep moving through the pain."  Some may say gurl, that was the liquor talking, but I really believe that it was God's voice at one of my lowest moments.   So that is how Tiffanyz Klozet was born.  I started with a vision to supply the type of fashion selection that allows them to feel confident regardless if they running a simple errand, or taking a girl's trip.  

Now I have to be the 1st to say that this road has not been easy and I have had to revise my path several times to get here, but I am happy that Tiffanyz Klozet finally arrived to fill this need. The last thing I wanted to create was another carbon copy of the Instagram clothing boutiques that I would see on social media. I never want my customers to worry about the quality of their purchases, or fear being hassled regarding a refund.



I want you to know the following:

 I am not your average boutique owner.  I truly care about everyone that entrust me with styling them. That I am praying for you, rooting for you. Never forget that I am your biggest supporter.  I will always respect you, and your voice matters to me. 

Bottom line: I got your back and will remind you of that every day. This is more than a business transition for me.  this is building a lifelong relationship with someone that I respect dearly. 


Tiffanyz Klozet is here to help you embrace who you are, right where you are.